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Skin Rejuvenation with Endocare

For years I've been plumping and relaxing lines on the face, however, as an aesthetic nurse I feel I should be offering my clients more, after all, the skin is the largest organ of the body! For the last 2 years I've been seeking a product that I feel is perfect for my clients. This new product needs not only to be safe but to have great, evidence-based results.

I have been informed, that most skin products for sale in the high street are formulated so they are safe to use on the very young ie. babies. This lead me to think that, as we age, we need creams that are 'going to do something' and reduce the visible signs of ageing. I recently attended the FACE 2012 conference and discovered, Endocare, an evidence based medical grade 'cosmeceutical' (combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals). Armed with my newly acquired knowledge, and product I tried it myself, then gave some to my mum. The effects were just as I had hoped, an improvement in the texture, softness and visibly smoother skin. These were the skin products for my clients.

This range of skin care promotes natural skin regeneration by stimulating natural-growth-factors, which significantly improves the architecture of the dermis. There is also increased natural enzymatic anti-oxidant protection. The ingredients in this range have been proven to regenerate ageing and sun damaged skin. Also, every Endocare product contains Tensderm (TM), an active phytoestrogen and calcium complex, ideally suited for maturing female skin.

I understand this all sounds technical, but remember these are evidence-based products.

I have decided to offer my clients the complete Endocare range. The Skin Rejuvination pack covers every skin care requirement. Some products will run-out before others, therefore items can be purchased singly too.

I have explained each product below:

Endocare® Tensage™ Cream is a rich, creamy gel designed for day and night use, non-oily to the touch and rapidly absorbed. Additional active ingredients are: Vitamin E to boost anti-oxidant activity and an intensive hydronutritive complex for sustained and intensive lipid restoration and moisturisation. This is applied morning and night to cleansed skin, gently massaging until absorbed.

An ultra-strength intensive regenerating serum, designed for the intensive treatment of face, neck and décolleté. It is designed to regenerate and firm ageing and photo damaged skin with its ultra-strength combination of SCA 50%, Tensderm™ phytoestrogen and calcium skin-firming complex and hexapeptide. Additional active ingredients are: albatin, alistin and natriquest to help lighten and brighten sun damaged skin and the intensive hydrosystem skin-moisturiser.
Endocare® Tensage Ampoules are also ideal for preparing the skin before skin regeneration programmes ie. Genuine Dermaroller treatment. This treatment is a 30 day course, which is repeated every 4 months. Application of these are demonstrated by Becky.

Endocare® Tensage™ Serum is creamy, silky and a rapidly absorbed intensive serum, it can be used during the day but is also ideal for night-time use.
Additional active ingredients are: Vitamin C, E & CoQ10plus in an anti-oxidant boosting complex and niacinamide, a Vitamin B ingredient with skin brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. These intensive skin regenerating and enhancing ingredients are combined with a hyaluronic acid to further enhance skin moisturisation. This is applied to the skin and allowed to absorb before applying Endocare® Tensage Cream.

Specifically formulated for the delicate eye area the soothing and silky Endocare® Tensage™ Radiance Eye Contour unifies in one product regeneration, antioxidant protection and radiance enhancement.
Additional active ingredients are, superoxide dismutase to boost anti-oxidant activity, a tripeptide to further enhance collagen stimulation, a tetrapeptide to help improve under eye puffiness and illuminating light-capturing pigments to enhance the visual radiance of the area. These intensive skin regenerating and enhancing ingredients are combined with a hyaluronic acid & squalene complex to help hydrate and moisturise. Apply in the morning to the orbital bone around the eyes.


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