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Excessive Sweating Treatment

This treatment is for you if your daily activities are hampered by the embarrassment of excessive underarm sweating. This condition changes the way you dress and prevents you from being relaxed at social occasions or work. This is a treatment that really does change people's lives and can last approximately 9 months to a year.

How does the treatment work?

This treatment helps control excessive underarm sweating by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When the sweat glands don't receive the chemical signals the sweating stops.

The treatment involves the client shaving their armpits the day before treatment. A detailed medical health form is completed and your suitability for treatment is assessed.

After applying the areas with a local anaesthetic cream which takes approx. 30 minutes to work, the area is cleaned and an iodine solution applied. The area is then dusted with cornflour. This causes a reaction and a deep purple / black discolouration will appear identifying the areas that require treating. After marking the area to be treated the armpits are cleaned and small 'just under the skin' injections are performed. There is a mild discomfort. The treatment normally takes 30 mins maximum.

After treatment it is advised to keep the area dry for 4 hours, do not apply anti perspirant as this may sting.

Price from £350


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