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Lip Enhancement with Restylane

Restylane LippRestylane Lip Volume is a long lasting (but not permanent) treatment. Whether you have thin lips or would like to add a touch of fullness carefully placed injections can do just that. A natural product with natural, soft results.

Restylane Lip Volume FAQs

Q. What is Restylane Lip Volume?

A. Restylane Lip Volume is a product used to enhance lips.  Its special technology ensures this treatment is safe and long lasting with natural results.

Q. How do I look and feel after Treatment?

A. After lip treatment you may look swollen and may bruise, a medical grade mineral cover up make-up can be applied which I can supply.   Your lips may also look slightly uneven; however these are all temporary reactions and usually subside within a week.
If you are a cold sore sufferer it is advisable to apply a topical non prescription and anti-viral cream before and after treatment as lip treatment can trigger an outbreak.

before and after Restylane LippQ. Are there any special post treatment instructions?

A. Yes, avoid touching the area for at least 6 hours and exposing the treated area to extreme temperatures. 



For further FAQs on Restylane treatments, refer to Wrinkle Softening with Restylane.

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