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Azzalure Botulinum Toxin Type AWrinkle Softening with Azzalure

Due to recent changes in Government recommendations and regulations all new clients requesting muscle relaxant treatment must have a consultation appointment before an appointment can be made for treatment. This applies even if the client has had previous treatments elsewhere.

The purpose of this new regulation is to allow clients to meet the practitioner,  have time to think about all the information given regarding treatment, and allows the practitioner to write a prescription and allow time for the drug to be dispensed.


By injecting very small amounts of a muscle relaxant into the upper part of the face, furrows and lines can be greatly reduced and even disappear.

Laughing, frowning and smiling are expressions we all perform everyday. The
majority of us like to express our emotions and feel it is an important part of our character. However, after time these lines resemble a scar, they are noticeable when the face is at rest and are not always a good indicator of how we are feeling i.e. the furrows between our eyebrows make us look cross when we are actually feeling happy. Studies have proved that alleviating these lines and wrinkles can lift the spirit and enhance a feeling of well being.


Q. Why do lines soften or disappear after these injections?

A. By blocking the impulses to the tiny facial muscles the process of muscle contraction is stopped.

before and after AzzalureQ. What happens during treatment?

A. Treatment always starts with a consultation appointment. A full medical history is taken and it is then decided if you will be suitable for treatment. Good communication between client and practitioner before treatment is essential to determine the degree of facial smoothness required. Photographs are taken; the areas to be treated cleaned and marked using a cosmetic pencil. If required a local anaesthetic cream can be used to ensure the procedure is more comfortable. Small injections are then given. Before the client leaves the clinic you are given a post-treatment advice sheet.

Q. Do's and don'ts after, Treatment

A. No bending over or lying flat for 4 hours.
No rubbing the treated area for 48 hours.
No exercising for the rest of the day.
Do exercise the areas treated by making facial exercises for the first hour after treatment.
Do call with any questions.

Prices start from £200



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