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Restylane indicationsWrinkle Softening with Restylane

Restylane offers the complete solution and treatment choice for men and women seeking to hold back the years and refresh their looks naturally by restoring youthful volume to the skin.

What is Restylane

Restylane is a clear gel made of a natural substance called Hyaluronic Acid which is abundant in youthful skin but diminishes as we age.

Whether you require the signs of ageing to be smoothed out, an improvement to your profile, more sensuous lips or skin rejuvenation to your face, chest or hands then Restylane is for you. By replacing Hyaluronic Acid in these areas we are not only smoothing out the lines, folds or wrinkles but also hydrating the skin and promoting a healthier texture.



Q.  What happens during a consultation?

A.  The consultation is just as important as the treatment itself, it must not be rushed.  Before any documentation is completed it is very important to discuss together why you have come to see me and where you feel you need treatment.  I also inform you of all the treatments available and those which would be most beneficial to you.
After the consultation you must complete a medical history form and a consent form, making sure you understand the documentation by asking any questions you may have.
Comfort is a priority therefore anaesthetic cream is applied for approximtely 30 minutes followed by  before treatment photographs, which are also repeated after the procedure.  (Photographs are not taken if you prefer not to).
The skin is then cleaned and the treatment performed,  during the procedure the area injected is gently massaged to ensure a smooth result.

Q.  How do I look and feel after treatment?

A.  Immediately after treatment you may be red and slightly swollen.  You may bruise (more likely if you are taking asprin or similar medication and some vitamins including omega 3 oils, vitamin E, garlic capsules etc. it is always advisable to stop taking suppliments  2 weeks prior to treatment).  You may feel a little uncomfortable and the area injected a bit tight and sore.  Some clients experience slight itching too.  However these injected related reactions are usually temporary and resolve within 10 days or less.
After lip treatment there may be slightly more swelling as this area is more sensitive and the lips can appear slightly uneven, again these are temporary reactions.  If you are a coldsore sufferer it is advisable to apply a topical non prescription anti viral cream before and after the treatment.

before and after Restylane naso labial foldsQ.  Are there special instructions I have to follow after treatment?

A.  Yes, it is important to not touch the area for 6 hours to prevent an infection.  Cover up cream can only be applied immediately treatment if a medical grade mineral makeup is used which I can supply.  It is advisable to not subject the areas treated to the sun or extreme cold until post injection healing has finished.

Q.  How does Restylane work?

A.  Restylane works by gently lifting the tissue under the skin therefore replacing lost volume.  The gel is rich in hyaluronic acid (HA) a substance that binds water and hydrates the skin.

Q.  Is it safe?

A.  Very.  Restylane has been used since 1996 with millions of treatments worldwide.  The gel is of a unique nature and is patented due to the HA gel being almost identical to our own.  The company that manufacture Restylane are continually performing clinical tests as well as independant companies.

Restylane indicationsQ.  Is there anyone who cant be treated with Restylane?

A.  Pregnant women or those breast feeding should not have treatment.  There is no reason why anyone with other health problems should be excluded i.e. diabetics, autoimmune disease etc, as long as you is well and your condition is stable, however a full medical history is taken and the final decision is up to the practitioner.

Q.  Could I have an allergic reaction (hypersensitivity)?

A.  Due to the HA being almost identical to our own, It is quite unusual to have a reaction after treatment with Restylane,  reactions of this nature have been reported in about
1:50 000 treatments.  The area may become swollen and tender and sometimes spots forming at the injection site, the average duration of these effects last about 2 weeks.

Q.  Does it hurt?

A.  Obviously everyones pain threshold is different .  Restylane products now have a local anaesthetic in the gel, so the discomfort of the treatments have been greatly reduced.  As I inject the gel the local anaesthetic is numbing the area.  Slow injections using a special technique to ensure a maximum comfortable procedure is always performed.

Q.  How long will these treatments last?

A.  Due to the extensive Restylane range the longevity of the treatment is determined by the product used and the area injected.  On average the treatment ranges from 6 - 12 months.

Q.  How much do the treatments cost?

A.  Prices vary according to the type of Restylane used, however prices start from £250.



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